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This has been a popular chart, but the Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fiber threads I used are no longer being made. To confuse folks even more, I used her "premium" silk which required one strand vs. two.  For a lot of us stitchers, that is a hard bridge to cross when trying to kit it up.

Growth Rings

Starting back at the beginning, you need to know how many stitches of each color there are.

  • Dark = 13,610
  • LIght = 3818

Next, you need to pick your fabric count and how many plies you plan to use. I tell my software to add 10 to 15% fudge factor, in case the cat steals a length or the frogs visit. Remember, though, these are just my best guess. I consider it cheap insurance to grab an extra skein of anything that might be hard to match later.

  Yards of 6 ply (DMC) Yards of 12 ply (Gloriana)
28 count, 2 plies 58 dark; 17 light 29 dark; 9 light
32 count, 2 plies 53 dark; 15 light 27 dark; 8 light
36 count, 1 ply 22 dark; 7 light 11 dark; 4 light


You can use any color, any brand, and are in no way limited to only two colors. If you happen to like the original colors, you'll never find exactly the same variegated shades but there are some lovely similar colors in Gloriana silks. For the dark I've shown Sierra Haze. For the light May Flowers (top) or perhaps Marc's April Mai (middle - named for a good friend and fellow designer and his two dogs, April and Mai.) Note that most Gloriana comes in 6 yards skeins, not 4's like my picture. 

Gloriana substitute options

Whatever you pick - enjoy! It is your choice alone. Also, if you are working the from the 2008 magazine, be sure to download the corrections page


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