Shipping Break until October 11

I'm off to Galleria and a bit of a vacation afterwards. Digital products are still available for instant download, but all physical products will not be shipped until I get back.

Needlework Expo new charts were released and should be available through your favorite shops and major distributors.

Needlework Galleria, Sept 22-25

I'm excited to travel to this event to vend and to meet up with stitchers and other designers.

I'm going into full road trip mode and will drive there, adding in a couple of stops to visit with friends and family. Because of this, I will be away from the office for a few weeks. You'll still be able to order any PDF charts through my site, but hard copies orders won't be shipped between September 18th and October 11th.

I'll be bringing along any Lady Dot Creates finishing packs and The Moo The Merrier Sulky packs in my possession, so don't count on any reappearing in the shop. (i.e., order them before I go :-D )