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Nashville New Releases Sumatra

The Nashville Needlework Market is just around the corner, and the question on everyone's mind is what great new products are going to be released. It's a wholesale only show, so communication with your favorite LNS is necessary to get these products. So many reasons to sneak you peeks; so many reasons not to.

New Quaker coming from Ink Circles

Why not?

  • Shops pay a LOT of money to travel to the show. Where's the excitement if everything has already been seen. What's the advantage?
  • Deadlines - if you think all the designers have their charts 100% printed, packed, and ready then you must know some other designers than I do.
  • Some shops that preorder stop by my room only long enough to grab the loot. I could have just mailed it to you and saved the thousands it cost me to exhibit.


  • Stitchers have a limited budget. If they can put in preorders, they know where to spend their money and their money always runs out before their lists do. (No money for the stuff they haven't seen yet.)
  • Shops have a limited budget. They're going to try hard to get all the preorders their customers put in, then see what's left over.
  • Without preorders, shops haven't gauged their audience's appetite and may pick up only single copies, or even wait for the distributors to auto-ship it.
  • Designers who have to travel overseas or ship things from far away (like me) have a better idea of how much to bring. PS - we never bring the right amount.

Note: the new releases will not be available from distributors for about a month after the show, and will not be on my retail catalog for a time after that. So support your shops! With that said, I'll leave you with one more preview:

Forests of Sumatra - New from Ink Circles

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