Complimentary Charts & Tutorials & Errata & Conversions

Ink Spot #6 - Spotted Owls

Spotted Owls - can you spot them?

Ink Spot #21 - Pretty Flaky: downloadable after you place an order (12/4/20)

Cancer Ribbon Mandala - updated to be Pattern Keeper friendly, and provide better key to adapt to your choice of ribbon color.

Shown in green for liver cancer

I Voted

click if you need it bigger

Ink Spot #20 Bee Well!

Complimentary chart from Ink Circles - Bee Well

 Ink Spot #19: Brave New Year

Ink Spot #19: Brave New Year

and 2019

Ink Spot #17 Fountain Pen Day

Fountain Pens

The Book of Ink Circles (also known as BoInk)

Originally published as a year-long mystery stitch along, this Celtic illuminated manuscript page was definitely a fan favorite. It provides plenty of opportunity for customization and exploration.

The Book of Ink Circles, also known as BoInk


Little Alien Schoolgirl can be personalized with this: Full Futurama Alphabet

Ink Spot #9: Valentines 2010 

Ink Spot #7: Four in the Bush

Ink Spot #3: Lobster Bouquet

2007 Complimentary Charts - all in one file, and it's big.

August 2007 Complimentary Knot from Ink Circles

2006 Complimentary Charts (Includes the Cancer Awareness Mandala Below) These are all in one big (~5 MB) file.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Mandala

Conversion notes for the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Mandala, shown above:

To use this chart for other awareness ribbon colors, substitute

Sassy - The middle shade of your ribbon color
Raspberry - The darkest of your ribbon colors
Purple Pansy – This is the variegated color that makes the lacy background
Strawberry Shake – The lightest shade of your ribbon color


Sorry, sometimes it happens. Sometimes it is my fault; sometimes a transcriber at a magazine. In all cases, the new printings of the charts I sell have been corrected, but it's still possible to get your hands on the older copies. Errata information will be on the individual product's page.


Will be on the same page as the product.



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