It's Alive!

Website updates

Migration to a new web platform is complete. I don't have 100% of the bells and whistles set up, but I'm optimistic that I'm moving in the right direction.  The new site will be able to do amazing things. It can sort by best-sellers (once some sales data comes in) and it allows folks to write reviews. 

The postage hike coming in January and the accompanying rule changes, while not welcome, can be dealt with more swiftly. Can you believe that previously I would have to update the shipping profile individually for every SINGLE product?

Future phases include adding back in some notecards and art prints, as well as setting up a little section where I can offload some supplies. The kit parts never come out even, and I sometimes lurch off in wrong directions where things become abandoned. I also had a number of freebies and tutorials that I'd like to see back online.

Stay tuned, and drop me a note if you see anything amiss or have an improvement or suggestion.

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