Into the Future


Last year at this time, I took the plunge and restructured my webshop via Shopify. There are still a few kinks, like the lack of a "coming soon" button, but it was a good overall move. This year's brave expedition is the introduction of a Digital Delivery section.

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Postage rates go up again in January, and for some countries it's not even the cost that is prohibitive - the mail simply doesn't arrive. You're not going to find any of the new charts here. Supporting your local shop is absolutely still necessary and is the only way to get those. This is just another option. I'm starting this little experiment with twelve designs. 

In other news, 2019 is just a few stitches from 2018 if you'd like to adapt the Brave New Year freebie.

Happy New Year - 2019

Graph for 2019

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