Oatmeal Quaker
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Oatmeal Quaker

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Some folks associate hot cereal with the term Quaker. So to give our oatmeal loving, sampler loving friends a tribute to both I created the Oatmeal Quaker.

It features the Oat plant in the center, steaming bowls and a pair of spoons. The motifs are all Quaker style and represent the different toppings for your cereal. There are grapes for raisins, bees for honey, an apple tree, strawberries, maple leaves for syrup, and a pitcher of fresh cream. There are also a pair of heads of wheat if you prefer a nice triticale or farina. Dig in.

Stitched with Briar Patch silk (Belle Soie by Crescent Colours)on 32 count Pearled Barly linen by Lakeside Linens. It will take 2 skeins of silk.

131 x 131 stitch count.

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