Aspen Mandala *NEW*

Aspen Mandala *NEW*

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This mandala was inspired by Pando, an 80,000 year-old quaking aspen colony in Utah. It covers 106 acres but is technically a single organism with a giant common root system. Cool, huh! The chart pack includes a second smaller chart that can be used to make a needlebook (as shown), or a biscornu, or ornament. It is stitched in Gentle Art Threads: Butternut Squash, Carrot (2 skeins), Sunflower (2 skeins), Heirloom Gold (2 skeins), Dark Chocolate, Grasshopper, Chives, and Cherry Bark. Fabric used was 28 count Opal Winter Solstice from Mystic Fabrics. A similar fabric would be Picture This Plus Crystal Aerial or Wichelt's Cornflower Blue hand-dyed linen. Stitch count is 115 for the larger, 41 for the smaller.

Newer designs like this one are available only from your favorite LNS or ONS.


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