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According to folklore, it brings good luck to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" first thing upon waking the first day of the month. This page collects all of the information relevant to the Rabbit, Rabbit sampler.

Rabbit, Rabbit Sampler Format


The twelve blocks are available individually. They will be released in four groups of three. The printed charts do not show the pomegranate borders as shown in the sampler version. The blocks fit inside the border openings with a margin of 3 stitches on each side.* The border charts can be downloaded free. The border was stitched with the Quince color.

  • Here is a border for a single block, which is 81 x 81 stitches. It is 1144 stitches.
  • Here is the border for twelve blocks together. It can be easily modified for other layouts. If you look close, you will notice that the pomegranate orientation flips on alternate squares to keep the symmetry in balance.The full sampler size with the borders is 297w x 225h. There are 8503 stitches in the full border, which took 7 additional yards of 12-ply floss (using 1 strand over 2 on 36 count).


The original sampler was stitched with Gloriana Silk Threads, 1 strand over 2 on 36 count Shale linen by Picture This Plus. One skein of each is sufficient for all of the blocks, but you'll need a second skein of Quince if you do the borders. The symbols used from month to month are consistent - yay!

Recognizing this might be a large floss investment, particularly if you are interested in stitching only a few blocks, I prepared this table to help show which colors and how much of each are used in which month. I've also added a floss conversion for Weeks Dye Works cotton floss and DMC. If you are using WDW 5-yard skeins, you'll need 2 Tatanka and 3 Cattail to stitch the sampler over 1. Obviously, you'll need at least twice the amounts if using more plies or lower count fabric. The floss info file is here.


Finishing kits - these were finished by Lois at Lady Dot Creates using colors, fabrics, trims, and charms exclusive to this project. Each limited edition finishing kits includes backing, fusible interfacing, all the doo-dads and detailed instructions needed to finish the group of three pillows - everything you need except the stuffing of your choice (we used crushed walnut shells). There will be a different pack for each of the four releases.

January/February/March pack contents (Order here):

Lady Dot Creates Q1 Rabbit Kit


April/May/June finishing kit here.

July/August/September finishing kit here.


* Fun Fact - many of my non-rabbit small charts happen to be this same 57 x 57 size, which means the border can be used for them as well.