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A few summers back I asked my friends and followers to tell me which brands of beers they liked. I had enthusiasts from around the globe tell me about their local breweries, spots they hit on vacation, and tastiest drinks. These range from familiar to obscure, but I steered away from the gas station case specials such as Coors and Bud, opting for more interested fare.

The chart will come with a "dance card" to allow you to check off beers either as you stitch them, spot them in a shop, or drink them - your choice. You can see the list of beers here.

I've had to take a few liberties to make the chart workable, but I think you'll find the individual character of each bottle stands out.

It goes without saying that the bottles and shelves can be rearranged to make different layouts and different sized pieces.

It's stitched in DMC, on 32 count (GET THIS!) "Ale" linen by Picture This Plus. Stitch count 138 x 285.

This chart is also available as a PDF.

ERRATA (so sorry!)

I've discovered that I did make a few oopses on the chart. They were fixed in subsquent printings, but if you've gotten one of the first two batches please make note:

Missing symbols: three bottles have some white stitches blank. The Corona bottle (8A) is the only bottle that has unstitched squares inside the bottle.
Kingfisher (3A)
Victoria Bitter (3G)
Tecate (4D)
Misplaced Bottles:
Grolsch is really 4E
Apricot Hefe - 5E
Singha is in 8B
Mackeson XXX- 9J

I do appreciate hearing about and having a chance to fix my mistakes.

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