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Mysterious Adventure Project M.A.P. (SAL)
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Mysterious Adventure Project M.A.P. (SAL)

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Stitch Along on a project unlike any you've ever made. At this point you probably know it is a map, specifically, "the M.A.P. or MAP", but yours will be superbly unique. Each person will create something truly original using just ordinary cross stitches but some very unusual techniques in laying it out. This is the opposite of sitting back and following a chart verbatim. This is a SAL for the intrepid adventurer. 

The level of customization (partly by your own choice, partly by the fate of the dice) will give stitchers a challenge and plenty of opportunity. You'll be best served with a set of polyhedral dice (think Dungeons and Dragons), but alternate methods can be used if you can't or don't want to acquire a set. This is a great project to use up little bits and oddments from your stash, although I'll provide a generic color palette to start. There will be places where hand-dyed and metallics would be fantastic, but DMC would just great. The suggested size is 300 stitches wide by 200 high, but the dimensions of the project are highly variable too - the larger your extents, the more things you can fit in. The fabric can be linen or aida, in any count you enjoy, in any color that you think would make a good background. 

All parts to this stitch along (SAL) will be delivered electronically via automatic download. It is a really big zip file that includes all the charts and information in the sequence they were presented. There is a Facebook group where we can share progress, ask questions, and discuss further options for customization. Joining the Facebook group is completely optional. You'll receive the most current SAL email when you join, but it includes the link to all the previous pattern installments. All of the SAL parts have been released, but stitchers are still invited to join in at any time. 

It goes without saying that the charted content and the instructional portions of this SAL are copyrighted and are for the members use only. You'll be welcome to post pictures showing off your project and discuss, just not share the release packet in whole or part.

I want to give props to my beta-stitchers who helped test drive this whole funky concept. They answered my call for adventurers last August and have spent the intervening months providing feedback and fine tuning my process, suggesting great ideas, and helping me visualize and achieve my goal of creating a new fun type of SAL. You'll see in second photo a few snippets of their work.


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