Chain Mail Scissor Fob
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Chain Mail Scissor Fob

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Something special to dress up your favorite pair of embroidery scissors. Reasons why you need one of these handcrafted fobs:

1) Keep track of which pair of scissors is yours at the next stitching gathering. "Are those my storkies or yours?"
2) Improves the odds of them NOT slipping down between the sofa cushions.
3) Make them easier to spot and grab in your sewing bag or on the table.
4) Tells the world you are one classy stitcher.

This fob features a chain maille star rubber o-rings and aluminum metal rings. On the opposite end, a silver lobster claw will securely snap onto your scissors. An assortment of glass, stone, and metal beads are strung on a flexible cable. The total length ranges 5-6 inches.

These are unique, there is only one of each. You'll need to select from the drop down which of the available ones are still available.


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