These are some techniques for finishing up small projects, like the monthly complimentary Celtic knots. They make nice gifts and decorations.


Folded cover

for a small notepad or pack of Post-It (r) notes. Can be modified for any square or rectangular motif.



(I’m not going to bother writing my own instructions here, since there are such lovely directions already on the web in several places. I've linked to one.)




Square ornament

Finishing a Square Ornament

Yeah, I know it is dangling from a corner and looks like a diamond... but it was square to the fabric grain.  Stay with me here.

Diamond ornament

Finishing a Self-Backing
Diamond Ornament

See, this really is a diamond motif (look at the skinny trees!). You won’t even need backing felt or fabric.

To get the most out of your rainbow floss, here are some tips: