Sorry to say we've found a few errors in the chart for Growth Rings

Just a note - my little engineer's brain can't help it. I rarely do anything unsymmetrical on purpose. Matching parts should all match. Both sides (or all four sides) of a design should be the same. If you see an irregularity in the pattern, it is most likely not intended, but since we all use human hands, it sometimes does happen.

These have turned up so far. I am referencing everything off the orientation of the chart graph. (The photo shows the stitched model rotated by 90 degrees.)

These are all only a stitch or two extra or short, but I'm trying to show enough context that you can see it, but not give the chart away ;o)

Updates as of 8 April - I've put them all on a single page with reference arrows so you can more easily see where the parts belong.

DOWNLOAD ERRATA PAGE (you'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it)