I know the page is titled 2006 Knots. No, Silly, there aren’t patterns for 2,006 Celtic Knots here! Just 12. These are the complimentary charts that I posted during the year 2006 and they have been moved to this “archive” page.

I’ve seen some great biscornus, pendibles and ornaments made with these... send me your project photos.  I’d love to add to the gallery.

Click the individual months or get the whole year in one tidy package, complete with color pictures. Note, this file is 4.3 MB, so it might take a few minutes. In the Big file, the individual knot pages have been reworked to expand them to full page size and to add a color image to each page.


December 06 December 06
November 06 November 06
September 2006

October 06September/October 06

These two charts work together to make cute little needlebook.

August 06

August 06

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Mandala

It looks a little like a celtic knot, but this mandala design is made up of 8 pink ribbons, the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Stitch this special pattern for someone you love.

July 06 July 06
June 06 June 06
May 2006 May 06
April 2006 April 06
March 06 March 06
Feb 06 February 06
january 06 January 06